The Best Summertime Fly Fishing on Anchor Lake for 10 years

This morning I walked around Anchor Lake following another day working with Blair Woodland to keep the venue as weed free as possible.  Blair who travels up from South Devon to help out has pulled literally tons of Canadian pond weed and so during my checks this morning it was incredibly pleasing to see how much our efforts have achieved.  Considering it is July and we have experienced some pretty high temperatures coupled with low rainfall (until late last week) ... Anchor Lake is in fine form.

The cooler water which followed the rain on Thurs 20th & Fri 21st July has most certainly helped with the lake receiving a proper freshen up from the Barle River which feeds the fishery from high up on Exmoor.  Now that the algae has nothing to hold on to as we keep the Canadian Pond weed in check, it is struggling, especially in the deep water areas excavated over the last couple of years.  Even though the contractor did not fully complete the work correctly last year, requiring time consuming management this season in the form of several days raking and netting, the result is that Anchor Lake is offering some great sport and it is late July!

Exe Valley regulars Keith & Mary Ratcliffe said on their return “Brilliant Fishing.  Off the Top.  100 times better than this time last year” having caught a 5 fish limit each in mid July with the best fish weighing 5lb 4oz.

Keith & Mary with their fish - 100 times better than last year they say!

Keith & Mary with their fish - 100 times better than last year they say!

And following his most recent visit another regular, John Akhurst emailed his thoughts.

Just read your last report 7/7 and was a tad disappointed to read that fellow fly fishers have complained / reported their individual poor experience visiting your marvellous facility.

I concur wholeheartedly with your stance in that article and consider water & weather conditions to be part of the pleasure of fishing with the fly. Not catching is not the fault of the fish but in my opinion is solely down to the guy holding the rod. The fish are there and it's down to the individual to present the flies to induce a take. This time of year ripping lures may work occasionally and can induce some exciting follows but no take. So rarely the right choice for a pleasurable day.

I acknowledge and appreciate how difficult and how much effort it takes both in time and money to keep the water fishable and if it means anything I am very grateful to have continued access to be able to fish for I consider to be a very affordable £.

My last visit with my old colleague (a novice) was a brilliant day, as you earlier advised conditions were challenging, but adapting and applying the approach with rig and flies the fish do oblige with takes.”

Thank you to John and all the anglers who have continued to support the fishery.  Several seem to have decided to forget fishing here after the price rises and the introduction of catch & release but many regulars continue to visit and there are many new faces trying the fishery out including Mr Delaney who said “Only had 1, but well worth the 100 mile round trip.  Great fishery, well done!”

Please forgive me but I am also going to post up another map of Anchor Lake and following is some advice about fishing here during the summertime.

Two years of excavation work have resulted in a whole new section of water which was previously unfishable.  Try the  North Shore ,  Stream End ,  New Bay  and  The Snags  ... especially during the summer months.

Two years of excavation work have resulted in a whole new section of water which was previously unfishable.  Try the North Shore, Stream End, New Bay and The Snags ... especially during the summer months.

Back in 2014/2015 areas North Shore, Stream End, New Bay and the Snags were little more than 2 feet deep.  These areas are now 8ft to 12 ft deep and have constantly moving water, which means they are virtually clear of algae and of course we have cleared large amounts of other water weed.  On hot, still days in particular this is the place to fish, especially along the deep drop offs that don’t need much more than a roll cast to target fish.  Often you will see Trout cruising right below your feet - very exciting and a chance for stalking.

During the last few weeks I have seen many anglers head straight to Exe Shore, Boards and Pipe and then stay there for the day.  If it is very hot, and calm, these areas can be affected by algae although once again in comparison to seasons that I can remember spanning over a decade the “fishabilty” is better than ever, even in these areas.  As per my last report, small dries and buzzers will often do well in the summer months or if you like to pull, twitch a Damsel.  And if you are not into imitative fishing or slow retrieves try and arrive before the sun is high, which is when the fish are most active.

Just before I sign off ... this morning I bumped into an angler using heavy weight dark Maxima line, which the fish can see in such clear water so my advice is use low diameter fluorocarbons by companies such as Fulling Mill, Rio, Airflo or Froghair.

Thanks again to all the anglers who have visited so far this summer.  Unlike this time last year, Anchor Lake is open and I will add more reports soon.  Meanwhile Lobbs remains closed although I hope to have a favorable update in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the shore soon.


Nick Hart is a full time fly fishing guide & the fishery manager at Exe Valley Fishery.  Find out more about Nick on his dedicated web pages.

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