Welcome to the new website & latest fishing report!

It has been a long time coming but finally here it is, our brand spanking new website for the fishery.  If you have stumbled across us for the first time then a very warm welcome and I hope to meet you on the lake someday soon.

And for those of you that visit the fishery on a regular basis, my thanks for your patience, at last the website is up and running!  This is very much a first draft and I won’t bore you with the reasons why it has taken so long other than to say I suffer from chronic OCD plus hourly web company rates seem to be heading North by the month...  So this is my attempt at a website for the fishery, BIG thanks to Henry Gilbey for bringing the platform used to my attention.

It’s my intention to add a few more features & pages, but right now the most exciting part about the site is that finally it’s possible to write up & post reports on a regular basis, So without further ado here it is, the first Exe Valley Fishery Fishing Report on the all new 2015 website!

Welcome to Exe Valley Fishery!

Welcome to Exe Valley Fishery!

Its now late July 2015 but while I sit here polishing up the site ready for launch the weather outside resembles October!  However the forecast is that the current wind & rain will blow through leaving a pleasant week ahead - commencing 27.07.15.  Although the weather maybe a little wild considering the time of year there is no doubt that in terms of stocking & maintaining a fishery the low temperatures keep the fish happy.  In July we often expect 20C and above but right now the water is just 15C.  

The result is that dry fly and nymph fishing near the surface is not only a very enjoyable way to fish but also highly productive.  Using the natural pattern approach regulars Keith & Mary Ratcliffe showed their fellow anglers how to do it this week, taking an 8 fish haul between them on simple Black Buzzers tied on small light wire hooks and fished in the surface film on long leaders.

Ivan West has also been in amongst the fish catching a limit once again, on, yes you have guessed it, Buzzers.  Ivan finished with 5 for 15lbs, the best fish tipping the scales at 5lb 4oz and commented "very enjoyable as normal, lots of takes.  Lovely everything - wish I could come more often!"

I mentioned it on the old report site but I cannot miss from my inaugural post 91 year old Stan Tooze, sensibly fishing the feeder stream to tempt Trout basking in the high oxygen levels and willing to take.  With a Blob fished as a dropper Stan placed an old faithful Alexandra on the point and was latched into a full tailed 7 pounder for over 10 minutes!  It was just brilliant to see his smile and even better to hear that it was his "best mornings fishing he could remember for a long time!"  And there was another big fish to come on the same day, as Dil Singh managed to tempt a spanking Trout of 10lb 1oz, his first ever double and a possible candidate for the top Troutmasters honours this month.

   (Above) Tim Nickel with a cracking Blue Trout on a Cats Whisker and £60 in his back pocket!


(Above) Tim Nickel with a cracking Blue Trout on a Cats Whisker and £60 in his back pocket!

Biggest smile of the week probably goes to Tim Nickel after not only bagging his 5 fish limit but also landing a Tagged Trout.  For those of you new to this competition the fishery is stocked with a lucky fish or two sprouting a tag from their dorsal fin.  Its only £1 to enter and the entry goes into a pool which pays out when one of these fish is caught.  Tims lovely Blue Trout put up a great fight having fallen to a Mini Cats Whisker, earning him sixty quid!  Well done Tim!

And finally to round up this report so that I can head off to play with DNS settings and the like, hopefully winding up with this report being live on tinternet (as we say around here!) by the evening, you will be pleased to know that young Sam Baycock (check out his cracking blog here) is back at the fishery during his break from Uni and hard at work.  Between the pair of us we have been cutting weed and there are many exciting plans (no scratch that, very, very exciting!) for the coming weeks at Exe Valley so please do pay us a visit and look at the improvements we have been making.

   (Above) He calls this work?!  Sam Baycock "hard at it" on the fishery.


(Above) He calls this work?!  Sam Baycock "hard at it" on the fishery.

And if you would like an update please don't hesitate to call 01398 323008 (leave  a message and we will call back if working on the fishery or away guiding)  for general conditions, water clarity and wind direction plus check back here for regular online reports.  Thank you for visiting the site now come and try Exe Valley Fishery for real!

Until next time,

Best Fishes,

Nick & Sam.