New catch report, round up of November & tagged Trout stocking

Well let’s hope the December weather is a little kinder than it was in November!  Often the forecasts were a little over the top, as per various posts from last month, but by the last week of November the conditions did become truly awful!

Even so just a small break in the torrential rain and high winds tempted a few to wet a line, with 15 anglers catching 51 fish for a very healthy rod average of 3.4 Well rewarded for their efforts!

For example Mr Bonner on holiday from Nottingham visited Exe Valley this week and took a brace of fish for 10lb 4oz on Anchor Lake, including an 8 pound Rainbow, leaving the comment that it had been “A good morning of sport

A good morning of sport it may have been but unfortunately the big fish was tagged!  The entry fee had not been paid and so although Mr Bonner left with a decent Trout, he didn't win the loot!  So we have a tagged fish roll over, and a beautiful Brown Trout in the region of 7lb has been stocked worth a £100.00 to the lucky captor.  So don’t forget to add the entry fee of £1 when purchasing a permit because as the saying goes, you have to be in it to win it!  And the rumours are true ... this Brown is providing company for its much bigger brother which we stocked through the week.  Check out our Exe Valley Fishery Record Brown Trout story here.

Fred stocks a new tagged fish into Anchor Lake, Exe Valley Fishery, November 2015

Fred stocks a new tagged fish into Anchor Lake, Exe Valley Fishery, November 2015

The Trout has a blue tag and is worth £100 - just add £1 to your permit fee to enter.

The Trout has a blue tag and is worth £100 - just add £1 to your permit fee to enter.

Other notable catches include Charles Merin and Roger Bowskill, both managed bag limits of 4 fish each using a combination of White & Green Tadpoles and Orange Nomads fished with a clear intermediate line.  Their two best fish weighed in at 6lb 8oz and 6lb 4oz. Meanwhile Mike Webster couldn't catch them in the morning but had a better afternoon using a Cats Whisker to complete his 4 fish limit.

With December upon us the final figures for November are 63 anglers caught 228 fish which is a very healthy rod average of 3.6 and shows that winter fishing can be far more productive than during the summer months.  If you are keen but put off by the weather, please don’t hesitate to call me on 01398 323008 and I will give you up to the minute info on the water conditions, wind speed and how the lakes are fishing.

And if you would like to keep up to date on a regular basis please use the subscribe box up on the top right.  We had a great response from our last newsletter sent out on what we dubbed Fish Friday.  Thank you for all the lovely emails we received afterwards and to those who have visited the lakes since.  Although more unsettled weather looks like it will head our way by the weekend there is an expected break around Thursday/Friday.

Stocking takes place every week throughout the season on Exe Valley Fishery, including during the winter when the sport is often at its best. Here we are loading up Anchor Lake with some more feisty Rainbows ... just look at the backs on those fish!

Whatever the weather, we are always here and the lakes are topped up every week (often twice) with more top quality Trout.  See this little video that I shot of the most recent stocking using the new track which we constructed specifically for winter stocking.  This means that the fish can be driven right to the edge of the lake, meaning less stress for the newly introduced Trout and a less achy back for Fred the fish farmer!

Thanks for reading and let’s hope we are all wetting lines this month rather than getting wet!