Best bag of Trout this week 27lb 12oz & the latest Exe Valley catch report up to 1st Nov

So the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun and since the big dig back in late August I can’t remember seeing so many happy faces around the lake.  Huge thanks to all of you for your support. 

It seems that plenty of you are not willing to hang up your rods just yet leading to the busiest October that I can remember with 161 anglers managing to catch just shy of 500 Trout; 499 to be exact and that doesn't include the 54 caught during our junior fly fishing competition last week!   So the current rod average is a very healthy 3.1 with the best fish of 10lb caught by John Salter, see here for details.

Although Mr Salter was the only angler to land a double figure Trout this month, there have been a decent number of specimens to high single figures.  Visiting on Monday 26th October, Steve Guscott from Washford amassed a huge bag by late morning including Rainbows of 8lb 12oz, 7lb 14oz, 5lb 14oz, 3lb & 2lb 4oz for a total bag of 27lb 12oz.  A whopping 5.4lb per fish average! 

Steve Guscott claims the best bag of the week at 27lb 12oz including fish of 8lb 12oz, 7lb 14oz, 5lb 14oz, 3lb & 2lb 4oz.

Steve Guscott claims the best bag of the week at 27lb 12oz including fish of 8lb 12oz, 7lb 14oz, 5lb 14oz, 3lb & 2lb 4oz.

Steve had all his success by throwing a long floating line and then steadily pulling back a Goldhead Daddy fished on a 12ft leader.  Following the red letter day he very kindly emailed to say “I am still chuffed to bits with a bag of trout at that weight and can't stop thinking about a brilliant days fishing on Monday.  We will most certainly be back and whether the experience is repeated or not I'm sure it will be a pleasure as you have a lovely fishery there”  Many thanks Steve, we look forward to welcoming you in the future.

There have been a lot of new faces around the lake and some that we have not seen for a good while, including Mr Browning & Mr Bellringer.  The friends called in for a mid week session and both caught 5 fish limits using Boobies sporting a long, highly mobile tail.  Pulled through the surface to cause a wake, the fish went berserk for the method including a 6lb Rainbow in Mr Bellringers bag.

Last week I reported on an angler all the way from the West Indies but within a week it seems that we are attracting visitors from much further afield to observe the all new Anchor Lake.  I am not sure when it arrived but our extraterrestrial guest doesn’t seem to have got the hang of fishing at the moment, preferring to spend its day hiding in one of the trees!

Even aliens have been checking out what has been going on at Exe Valley Fishery recently!

Even aliens have been checking out what has been going on at Exe Valley Fishery recently!

Thankfully it appears to have come in peace leaving Jon Ashford from North Somerset to land 4 for 21lb, including a best fish of 9lb and his partner Heidi Ruddle was not far behind with a Rainbow Trout of 8lb 2oz in her bag of 2 weighing 10lb 4oz in total.  There were no specimens in John Clarke's 5 fish bag but he commented that it had been a “Great morning – nice lake!  Good depth now” and John Slaven seemed pleased too saying “Will be back.  Excellent”.

The best line during the last week was a Floater, although Sink-Tips and Slow Intermediates are worth a cast.  Not everyone has fared well this week, and some anglers have blanked when only willing to pull lures.  Black Minkies continue to take fish, especially if heavy rain has caused the water to colour and of course more than a few fish fall to the Cats Whisker.

However it’s important to change tactics when necessary, especially during clear water.  This is particularly the case by early afternoon when a small fly, light leader approach yields more success.  Buzzers are of course favourite but as Exe Valley regular Keith Ratcliffe found, Crunchers fished dead drift style will get the rod bending when others are struggling.  He took a 5 fish bag on Friday 30th Oct weighing in at 19lb, with a best fish of 6.4lb and although his wife Mary Ratcliffe couldn't better his total bag she did beat his best fish landing a Rainbow of 9lb 2oz in a 5 fish total that was also bang on 19lb!

Currently the weather has been nothing short of amazing for the time of year and the water temperature has actually increased to 12C.  This is just perfect for fly hatches & active fish resulting in some late autumn dry fly sport for a few anglers giving it a go.  Try a Hopper, Bobs Bits or my own personal favourite, an emerging CDC Buzzer such as the Owl.

I have been talking a lot about Anchor Lake recently so its time I mentioned Lobbs.  A great venue for novices, this pool is ideal for young anglers as these four young lads (including my son Chester), found during their school holiday visit this week.  Spinning and bait fishing are allowed on Lobbs Lake to help encourage youngsters to give fishing a go and the four boys used both methods to tempt some Trout for tea.  A Mepps Aglia Size 0 was the best spinner and float fished Cheddar Cheese the best bait!

Four very happy boys enjoy there school holiday with a visit to Lobbs Lake at Exe Valley Fishery

Four very happy boys enjoy there school holiday with a visit to Lobbs Lake at Exe Valley Fishery

I haven’t managed to organise the paperwork just yet but if you would like to introduce your children to fishing I have recently set up a new permit for children of 12 years old and under. The junior permit is only valid for fishing on Lobbs lake and is priced as follows 1 Fish - £8 2 Fish £12 and 3 Fish £15 Even better, parents will only pay for this permit if their child is successful (one permit per child) and we can also provide a basic spinning rod to use if you don’t have any equipment.  If you are interested in this new service please call 01398 323008 for further info and look out on the website for a new page all about Lobbs coming soon.

The forecast for the coming week shows rain heading our way, but with relatively light Southerly winds and mild temperatures the fish are likely to be feeding well.  Please call on 01398 323008 if you would like to get an up to the minute report or would like to find out more about the lakes.

Once again, thank you to all of you that have visited the fishery during October.  Another month awaits and if the weather holds we expect some more great fishing.  We look forward to welcoming back our regulars and if you haven't tried Exe Valley Fishery please come and meet us.

Best Fishes, Nick.